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A quick view into AI World

School development Artificial Intelligence

The teacher's role
 in a world with more and more access to artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly critical. The teacher must not only be a transmitter of knowledge, but also a facilitator of learning and learning ​strategies for each individual student, adapted to their individual requirements.

 In a time where digital aids
 have already introduced a paradigm shift, we are now facing a new transitional period. Many teachers may not have fully embraced the previous shift, and some remain attached to traditional methods such as books. It is crucial to upgrade the current school system to reflect the new realities. Teachers must be given the opportunity to to develop digital competence and the understanding of AI/AI tools. It is not only necessary to use the technology, but also to understand its implications and possibilities for teaching and learning. 

The new paradigm shift
 requires an emphasis on critical thinking, drawing conclusions, testing and verifying knowledge and facts. Teachers should guide students in navigating through the flood of information on the internet, develop the ability to evaluate sources and exercise a critical and curious approach to knowledge. Schools must offer continuous professional development for teachers (mostly through discussion and exchange of experiences) so that they can embrace the latest pedagogical tools and adapt to changes in the teaching landscape. 

The digital transformation
 should not only be technology-driven, but also educationally motivated to ensure that it actually improves learning outcomes. Overall, upgrading the current school system requires a holistic approach that combines technological competence with pedagogical wisdom. Teachers play a central role in leading this transformation, and support and resources must be available to help them embrace the new paradigm of learning in a world driven by AI/AI. 

Haldor Lønningdal

 Editor ICT Live